Few Tears

Trials and tribulations 

My fate, maybe forsaken 

Time, I could be wasting

Reality, got me facing 

Tragedies and revelations

When I drop tears 

If i drop tears 

It’s for the passing of my peers

In our younger years

Lion hearted a bold 

Holding up their symbols

How is life so nimble 

And death so fragile 

Watching shots pass

Or taking night class

Guess I chose the latter

Yet this survivors remourse 

Makes the tears drop faster

If I drop tears 

It from fears for the future

Failure, my favorite tutor 

Life, my favorite teacher

Death, I’m trying to cheat

But knowing I’ll never beat her 

Will I leave my footprint

Or will someone 

Come and sweep it 

My maker, I’ll meet meet him?

Or is faith just so deceiving

Dreams can be reality 

Yet everything’s within reason

If I drop tears


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